“Do not be afraid to become a star gazer. The human mind can find no higher exercise.” - Garrett P. Serviss

Zig Zag Railway

Zig Zag Railway Lithgow NSW

The Zig Zag Railway delights the hearts of children and the minds of train enthusiasts.

It is the original rail line into the Lithgow Valley, which was opened in 1869. Today, the Zig Zag Railway is open daily, allowing us to experience what it was like in a time before gas, electricity or the automobile.

'The day out with Thomas' and 'Wizards Express adventure' are some children attractions which are held every month by the Zig Zag rail station.

Regular trains depart Clarence Station daily at 11.00am, 1.00pm & 3.00pm.


Love it here. The Fullers welcomed us as if we were family. We could hang out in the tranquility for weeks.

Ellen and Greg, Sydney